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Ez Active

EZStep’s Active line is designed for all kinds of activity. The line provides superior cushioning and shock absorption for better performance and comfort. EZStep Active features a soft top cover to ais in comfort and the prevention of bacteria which is better for people on the run.

Outdoor Aerobics

About Voxelcare

We’ve developed our products around the revolutionary Voxelcare technology. Using, foot analyzers consisting of 4906 pressure sensor. The pressure distribution of a static measurement or dynamic steps can be evaluated using two and three-dimensional display. The user interface for the pressure measuring platform is easy to use, intuitive and graphically the best in its field.


The system offers efficient and fast results after use through the software’s online mode. The recorded pressure load can be evaluated in different modes; using the display of maximum or average foot pressure values as well as evaluating the movement of center pressure.

Doctor's Desk

Ez Memory

EZStep’s Memory line makes use of memory foam made with top quality polyurethane, making it incredibly dense for the even distribution of pressure in the feet. The memory foam makes the foot molds itself to the insole easing the pressure off the balls of the foot, a common source of pain for most people.


Ez Style

EZStep’s Style line offers much-needed comfort and care to your favorite high heels, pumps and everyday doll shoes. Designed to be flexible and light-weight designed for maximum pressure relief and comfort. It also features a stylish shape and cutting-edge arch support to help balance your feet promoting proper body posture and alignment.

Mani Pedi
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