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Our company’s mission is to improve the lives of people from all walks of life by providing comfort, support, and relief for those who experience pain originating from the feet.


In our years of experience, people and patients come up to us to complain about different pain in their bodies. After years of living with pain and people in pain, we have realized that pain is not natural. We have worked with EZStep and our research shows that dynamics are at the forefront of all of this. And we created insoles that provide extraordinary support, relief and comfort.

People tend to overlook the small things like the insoles in their shoes. What we do not understand is when our kinetic chain is broken it creates a ripple effect that makes our muscles sore, hence the painful back, knees, and joints; foot disorders, spine misalignment besides the normal discomfort.

That is why EZStep created its Shoe Orthotics with innovative technology. Made with the top grade, highest quality materials, produced with the top of the line equipment and backed up by years of research.

And with years ahead, we hope that our top quality products will make us recognized as a leading expert in-shoe orthotics and foot care.

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22/F Pearl Bank Centre, 146 Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati City

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