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Shoe insoles also sometimes referred to as inserts or orthotics are a specially constructed padded material that lays on the top interior midsole of a shoe.

Depending on the activity you are performing insoles can be designed to create a special barrier that improves performance by adding additional support, cushioning and comfort to the interior while minimizing and alleviating potential foot related medical concerns or ailments.

This can be especially beneficial for those who often deal with painful foot conditions such as hikers, runners, healthcare professionals and anyone who spends large amounts of time on their feet performing physically demanding tasks.

1. Insoles can provide additional support to the feet and back.

Aftermarket insoles come in a wide variety of choices in regards to their size, shape and cushioning allowing individuals to choose ones that can accommodate their foot architecture. When comparing premium insoles to the standard inserts that come with your shoes after market insoles can be designed to fit your specific foot arch whether you have a have high, normal or low arch, which can really improve comfort and support over time.

Furthermore by being able to choose an insole that offers excellent padding with better cushioning you can reduce the stress you place on your back and help absorb some of the shock your body receives when your foot makes contact with the floor.

2. Insoles can make performing certain tasks easier.

Because insoles improve support and relieve stress through custom molding and comfortable padding they also help make certain tasks easier to perform and can improve performance for those who spend lots of time on their feet such as runners, casual walkers, healthcare specialists and construction workers.

In fields that require constant lifting or changes in terrain the additional cushioning can significantly reduce shock impact while creating a comfortable cushioned barrier around the foot so that user isn’t dealing with foot discomfort while the move heavy objects around.

3. Insoles can improve shoe comfort and fit.

As previously mentioned aftermarket insoles are often designed with adequate cushioning, however they can also improve shoe comfort by improving the fit of the shoe around the foot. Sometimes the insoles that are sold with a shoe can leave the foot sliding around inside, struggling to find a proper grasp or placement.

4. Custom orthotic insoles can help with existing foot conditions.

If you are someone who is dealing with a medical foot ailment/condition custom orthotics can help improve your medical condition and alleviate stress for a faster and less painful recovery. In fact, some healthcare specialists prescribe corrective orthotics to assist with pre-existing foot issues and poor foot positioning/architecture. Over time, corrective orthotics can realign your feet into the proper position, improve posture and take unnecessary pressure off of the spine.

For those dealing with conditions such as plantar fasciitis or foot tendinitis healthcare specialists may recommend wearing specialized shoes for plantar fasciitis along with custom orthotic to assist with muscle/tendon recovery.

5. Insoles can help prevent common medical conditions from occurring.

One of the best ways to maintain proper foot health is to take care of your back and feet early on so that it doesn’t become a problem at a later point in time. Buying supportive shoes, using adequately cushioned insoles and throwing away old shoes/insoles when they are no longer beneficial can help you maintain your health over the years, especially if you work in a field that requires a lot of standing and/or walking around.

6. Insoles can reduce shock impact.

Shock impact is the amount force that is generated through your foot when your foot makes contact with the ground. Each step you take requires a full strike where your heel, arch and forefoot hit the hard surface floor with the weight of your body generating an often significant impact, which travels through the foot, knees, joints, back and spine. Without proper support and cushioning you can quickly wear out your body and/or develop injuries that can complicate your health and walking, therefore It goes without saying that having adequate padding to absorb and dissipate as much shock as possible can be extremely beneficial.

7. Insoles can extend the life of your shoes.

Lastly, a well build insole can extend the life of your shoes in several ways. By choosing insoles that properly fit your foot and the shoe you can reduce poor foot position, which will improve your posture and walking allowing you to use your shoe appropriately and reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Premium insoles are great for just about anyone who wears shoes, sneakers or boots and could benefit from improved padding, support and protection. To know more about EZStep insoles, click here.

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