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The holiday season is now upon us! Which means weekly trips to the malls and constant back-and-fourths between family relation's houses and wearing uncomfortable shoes for formal events for hours. All these kinds of activities put an extra strain on the foot and it's one we seem to experience especially this time of the year. And as physical activities increase as Christmas comes near, we've decided to give you some helpful suggestions to overcome holiday foot pain.

1. Keep 'Em Dry

Prevent bacteria and infection from forming by keeping them dry. Regularly switch out your socks and shoes. Also wear absorbent socks or put on foot powder to prevent sweating when you're at the peak of your Christmas shopping.

2. Get a Massage

The perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day of party planning. Massaging sore feet can really be helpful if you don't want to bring your foot pain into another round of holiday festivities. You can do it yourself or leave your feet in the hands of professionals just make sure to get your me time in this December.

3. Take A Break

Sometimes the best cure is prevention itself. Knowing you and your foot's limits can do you a lot of good if you're concerned about oncoming foot pain. So take frequent breaks in between holiday activities and you'll be good to go as you welcome the new year!

4. Stretch It Out

Stretching your foot muscles out before a grueling day of Christmas shopping can help prepare it for the long walk you have ahead. So do some toe stretches and exercise your heels to prevent aches and pains later.

5. Watch What You Eat

Sure the ham and other Christmas delicacies look scrumptious but gorging yourself on food high on purines can cause painful bouts of gout if left unchecked. So exercise moderation at all times and don't over indulge yourself in the Christmas cheer.

6. Get Good Support

Sometimes, you just need a good pair of shoes or some other form of support to get you through the tiring days ahead. Prioritizing comfort over style is a sacrifice most often made if you want to be pain-free through the next year and investing in a good pair of insoles that'll support your arch type can help keep you in the holiday cheer.

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